Back To Basics…Love!

Back To Basics....Love!

Back To Basics…Love!


It’s that “BACK TO” season again!

Back to school…

Back to fall sports, dance classes and musicals…

Back to the regular routine…of eating on the run.

Maybe you feel like it is simply…Back to the grind of daily life!

I feel it too!

I find myself sitting  with all kinds of schedules, calendars, forms of technology, curriculums, lists and goals in front of me. I will admit that I do like structure and therefore I don’t mind most of this! I like to plan lessons, make lists,  I like to organize programs and I love to teach! My teaching spans from elementary students, to middle school, to high school and to grown women!

I told you…I really like to teach!

I had a thought though….

“Why am I doing…what I am doing? What is my motivation?”

Is my motivation to produce an excellent program where others can learn, develop their gifts and become the best they can be? Is it to have my calendar of activities operate like a well oiled machine?

Here is the challenge for today:

I Corinthians 13:13 (New Living Translation)

Three things will last forever-faith, hope and love-and the greatest of these is love.

Love….needs to be the true motivation…for ALL that I do.

While it is important that I perform my responsibilities with excellence, I must never lose sight from what is most important.

The most basic need that each of us has is to have a personal relationship with our Creator. All of life flows out of that relationship.

“For in Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

Each of us has been created by the Heavenly Father with the basic need of wanting to know that we are LOVED and CARED for.

The Father has created us with those specific needs so that we would come to Him…to have those needs met. He sent Jesus to Earth to die on the cross and pay the penalty for our sins, so that those who believe in Him, could be forgiven and become children of God. {John 3:16}

What do I need to get back to this fall? What will influence the most folks around me to desire God?

Will it be a fantastic program, creative power points or community building activities that will  attract people to desire a relationship with the Heavenly Father?

Perhaps it will be how I beef up my website and increase my visibility? Or maybe, a VLOG with over a thousand views?

I think not.

I need to get Back to the basics….LOVE!

My motivation for ALL I do needs to be to loving those that God brings in front of me.

I need to make sure that LOVE leads all I do.

1 John 4:19 (NLT)

“We love each other because He loved us first.”

The Lord placed a picture in my heart about this….I saw myself like a watering can, the kind with the long spout that curves out. He was this faucet that kept pouring out wonderful fresh water into me….filling me until the water not only poured out the spout but it was overflowing out the top!

I asked Him about this picture and He impressed on me this simple thought:

I am to make sure that my top priority in my planning…is to come to Him every morning. He wants to POUR into me His presence, His perspective, His plans, His power…and His LOVE (not only towards me but the Love He has towards those He will bring across my path that day).

As He pours into me, loving me first, I will then be able to pour out that love onto others….and that love, will draw them back to the source…Him!

Back to basics….LOVE.

Yes, I will continue to love to plan, schedule and make lists.

Yes, I will still enjoy creating power points, sending emails and having meetings.

However, my GOAL for each day will be something so BASIC….LOVE.

*I will take the time to make sure I fill up on His love for me and ask Him to increase my love for others.

*I will take time for the one that God has cross my path that day…to express to them in words and deeds that they are loved and cared for.

It’s Back to Basics Season!

Let LOVE lead all you do!





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